We Love It Wednesday


Around these parts, we love natural hair!

My hair hasn’t been chemically processed in over 17 years. To maintain straight hair, I used to straighten my hair every two weeks with heating tools (pressing comb and flat iron). But, after experiencing LOTS of heat damage, I decided to wear my hair in it is natural state, finding its natural texture and curl pattern.

Hilarity ensued way too many times to count since I didn’t know how to style my natural hair. But after years of trial and error, I’ve come to really love my hair.

It’s not a matter of vanity. Nappy/kinky hair textures and styles are still often seen unkempt, unattractive, and unprofessional.

It took me much longer to feel comfortable wearing my hair naturally (amid stares and appallingly rude comments) than to learn to style it. I stuck with it in a mixture of pride and curious admiration.

I feel no shame in my nappy hair texture. I think it’s quite beautiful. Sometimes I still don’t know what my hair will do next. It curls, kinks, twists, and straightens. All of these possibilities amaze me.

Okay, okay. So what is my pick for WLIW? The natural hair event I’m hosting this weekend! A fabulous group of ladies will join me for an evening filled with hair demonstrations, giveaways, and a product exchange.

The product exchange is a hit because you can give a product away that didn’t work for you and get something else you’ve been wanting to try. Product junkies rejoice!

Be sure to check back on the blog for photos and a review of the event!


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